The School was established by the Society of Jesus in 1962 and it bears the name of one of the most famous English Jesuits who was martyred for the Faith in 1581, Edmund Campion, S.J.

Since its founding, the School has been led and guided by 7 headmasters:

Fr Michael Fox S.J.
Fr William Webb, S.J. (Deputy and Acting)
1962 - 1963
Fr Peter Hackett, S.J.
1963 - 1965
Philip J. Moloney
1965 - 1980
Dr John F Rowbottom
1980 - 1993
Mr John Johnson
1993 - 2011
Mr Keith Williams
2011 - Present


On these pages we've assembled an archive of photos, videos and documents from the School's history. If you have any photos or videos from previous years at the School that you would like to include on our website, please contact the school.