Upcoming Events

November 2020

Monday 2nd Year 12 Academic Review 1 by Staff
GCSE Examinations to 23rd
Wednesday 4th BMAT University Entrance Exams
Thursday 5th Year 11 Parents' Information Evening 6.30 to 7.30pm (MMcD) - GPE
Friday 6th Year 11 & 13 Elevate (am)
Year 10 Academic Review issued to Parents
Saturday 7th Rugby v Judd
Sunday 8th PA Mass of Remembrance 4.00 pm - (School Hall) (KW, P Assoc.) Fr Andrew Headon
Monday 9th Year 9 Academic Review by Staff
Parents’ Association and Social Club AGM 7.00 pm - Library
Thursday 12th Rehearsal for Senior School Prize Distribution Period 1 (ALA)(p1 PSHE)
Friday 13th Senior School Prize Distribution (Main Hall) Early Close - 1.00 pm
Year 12 Academic Review issued to Parents
Saturday 14th Rugby v John Fisher (DMT)
Monday 16th Year 8 Academic Review by Staff
Anti-Bullying Week
Staffing & Salaries Governors' Meeting - 6.00 pm
Tuesday 17th 13.45 Jubilee Building Fund AGM
Year 13 Parents' Evening 4.30-7.30 pm (Main Hall) (TDE) - RPE
All certificates for Summer Series to be issued by exam board to Centre
Friday 20th Year 9 Academic Review issued to Parents
Saturday 21st PA Christmas Bazaar
Rugby v Dartford Grammar School
Monday 23rd Governors' Finance Meeting - 5.15 pm
Governors' Admissions Meeting - 6.30 pm
Year 7 Academic Review by Staff
Tuesday 24th Year 12 Applications Evening Externals
Thursday 26th 16.00 Staff Meeting
Friday 27th Campion Day Social
Year 8 Academic Review issued to Parents
BMAT Results
Saturday 28th Rugby v Bedford Modern (DMT)
Monday 30th Governors' Finance - 5.15 pm
Governors' Finance AGM - 6.30 pm - All Governors


December 2020

Tuesday 1st CAMPION DAY
Wednesday 2nd Year 11/13 Mock Examinations begin (2 weeks +)
Friday 4th Campion Day Sixth Form Quiz
Year 7 Academic Review issued to Parents
Saturday 5th Rugby Tour Dinner
Monday 7th Years 7 & 9 Reading Tests
17.15 Governors' Progress Committee (PTI)
Tuesday 8th 16.30 Year 12 Parents' Evening
Wednesday 9th p3 PSHE & School Council
Good Boys' Trip (ALA)
Friday 11th Extended Assembly for Achievers
Ipswich School (DMT) – Friday Night Lights
Saturday 12th Headmaster's Detention
Rugby v Ipswich (DMT)
Sunday 13th Senior Citizens’ Party (RPN)
Monday 14th 16.00 Subject Leader/Heads of Year Meeting
Tuesday 15th Carol Service 7.00 pm Brentwood Cathedral
Wednesday 16th School Carol Service Period 2
End of Term (Early Closure 1.00 pm) Staff Meeting 1.15 pm


January 2021

Monday 4th Staff Day
Tuesday 5th Start of Spring Term - Normal Timetable
Wednesday 6th Year 7 Parents' Evening 4.30 - 7.30 pm (GCO) - ALA
Wednesday 13th p2 PSHE
Memorial Mass in Memory of Former Students 10.15 am - Fr Philip Denton
Year 11 Mock Results Day
Year 12 (2020) Applications Evening 6.30 pm (Internal)
Thursday 14th 16.00 Departmental Meetings
Saturday 16th Rugby v Brighton College
PA Race Night
Monday 18th 16.00 Staff Twilight Training
Year 12 Business Studies BTEC Work Experience to 29th inc. (MMO)
Wednesday 20th Year 11 Reports issued to Parents
Year 11 Parents' Evening 4.30 to 7.30 pm MMcD/GPE (Provisional)
Thursday 21st 16.00 Pastoral Meeting
Monday 25th Governors' Finance Meeting - 5.15 pm
Tuesday 26th Year 9 Enterprise Day - Exploring Careers - Main Hall - Fisher and More
Wednesday 27th Year 9 Enterprise Day - Exploring Careers - Main Hall - Garnet and Southwell
Year 13 Reports Issued to Parents
Thursday 28th Year 9 Enterprise Day - Exploring Careers - Main Hall - Fox
16.00 Staff Meeting
Saturday 30th Rugby v Brentwood
Rugby v Woodlands


February 2021

Monday 1st Year 12 Exams in Jubilee Hall (until 5th February) & Full Reports
Tuesday 2nd p2 PSHE & School Council
Thursday 4th Governors' Health & Safety Meeting 11.30 am
Governors’ Termly Meeting 1.30 pm
16.00 Subject Leaders'/Heads of Year Meetings
Friday 5th Final date for enquiries about GCSE results from November 2020
Saturday 6th PA Quiz Night
Rugby v High Wycombe
Monday 8th Year 8 Parents' Evening 4.30 - 7.30 pm (PFR) - GPE
Thursday 11th 16.00 Departmental Meetings
Friday 12th Year 9 Tet/Dip/Polio/Meningitis C Vaccinations - Garnet, Southwell and second half of Fox
Year 13 Ball
Half Term Holiday (to Friday 21st February inclusive)
Last date for Access Arrangements applications by the centre
Wednesday 17th Ash Wednesday - Start of Lent/Holy Day of Obligation
Friday 19th Final date for GCSE and GCE entries Summer 2021
Monday 22nd Year 13 Spring Review
Wednesday 24th Year 11 English, Maths and Science Exams
Thursday 25th 16.00 Pastoral Teams' Meeting
Year 11 English, Maths and Science Exams
Friday 26th Year 11 English, Maths and Science Exams


March 2021

Monday 1st Year 10 Exam Week and Full Report to 5th Jubilee Hall (ALA)(LFIN)
17.15 Governors' Progress Committee Meeting
Thursday 4th World Book Day
16.00 Staff Twilight Training
Friday 5th National Science Week - (to 14th) (JTI)
PA Ladies' Night
Monday 8th Year 12 Geography Trip to Overstrand Centre, Norfolk (to 12th)(NWY)
Year 11 Spring Review
Tuesday 9th p1 PSHE
Years 11 & 13 Photographs (KEL & MMcD)
Thursday 11th 16.00 Staff Meeting
Saturday 13th Irish Night
Wednesday 17th Year 9 Parents' Evening 4.30 - 7.45 pm (PDe)
Year 12 Reports issued to parents
Thursday 18th p2 PSHE & School Council
Tuesday 23rd Rehearsals for Concert
Wednesday 24th Spring Concert - 7.00 pm
Thursday 25th 16.00 Subject Leaders' /Heads of Year Meeting
Friday 26th Good Boys' Trip
Sunday 28th Rugby - Essex Finals Day at May & Baker
Monday 29th Governors' Finance Meeting - 5.15 pm
Wednesday 31st Extended Assembly for Achievers of the Term


April 2021

Thursday 1st Staff Day
Departmental Meetings
Friday 2nd GOOD FRIDAY
Friday 16th DofE Silver Practice to 18th Incl.
Monday 19th Start of Summer Term (Normal Timetable)
Tuesday 20th 16.00 Staff Twilight Training
Wednesday 21st Year 10 Reports Issued to Parents
Thursday 22nd Year 9 Options' Evening 6.30pm - PTI
Year 8 HPV Vaccinations Second Dose


May 2021

Saturday 1st Hit the Road for Jack (Teenage Cancer Trust Walk)
Monday 3rd Public Holiday
Tuesday 4th Year 9 Exam Week (Jubilee Hall)
Thursday 6th 16.00 Pastoral Teams Meeting
Monday 10th p3 PSHE
Wednesday 12th Year 10 Parents' Evening- 4.30 - 7.30 pm (LFIN)KW
Friday 14th DofE Bronze Practice to 15th incl
Saturday 15th PA Tribute Night
9.30 am Governors' Health & Safety Site Visit
Monday 17th CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young) Day
Tuesday 18th CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young) Day
Wednesday 19th 16.00 Staff Twilight Training
Thursday 20th Governors' Meeting - 6.30 pm
Monday 24th Years 7 & 8 Examination Week (in class) and Full Reports
Governors' Finance Meeting - 5.15 pm
Friday 28th Half Term Holiday (to Friday 04th June inclusive)
Monday 31st Public Holiday


June 2021

Tuesday 1st Year 10 Trip to Rome (to 7th)
Wednesday 2nd Primary School Visits begin (HoY/AF)
Thursday 3rd 16.00 Staff Meeting
Monday 7th Year 8 French Trip to Paris (to 19th)(HDE)
Start of GCSE and A Level Examinations (to 3rd July)
p3 PSHE & School Council
17.15 Governors' Progress Committee Meeting
Thursday 10th 16.00 Subject Leaders/Head of Year Meeting
Friday 11th DofE Bronze Qualifying to 12th incl
Tuesday 15th New Parents (2021) Meeting 6.30 pm (KWI)
Wednesday 16th Year 9 Reports issued to Parents
Thursday 17th 16.00 Departmental Meetings
Wednesday 23rd Year 12 University Information Evening 6.30 pm (RPN)
Introduction Day for Year 7 (2021 Pupils)
Friday 25th Completion Date for all Years 12 & 13 BTEC Students
10.15 LEAVERS' DAY and Leavers' Mass - Fr Philip
Leavers’ Dinner (School Hall) 6.30 for 7.00 pm
Sunday 27th Year 13 Biology Field Trip to South Wales (to 1st inclusive)
Monday 28th Year 10 Summer Academic Review
Governors' Finance Meeting - 5.15 pm
Wednesday 30th Year 9 Yellis Tests


July 2021

Thursday 1st 16.00 Staff Meeting
Friday 2nd Year 12 Careers' Day
Year 12 Academic Review2 issued to Parents
DofE Year 11 Silver Qualifying to Sun 4th
Saturday 3rd Headmaster's Detention
Monday 5th Governors' Budget Planning Meeting - 5.30 pm
Year 12 Exams in Jubilee Hall (to 9th July & Year 12 Summer Academic Review) & UCAS References
Thursday 8th 16.00 New Pastoral Teams Meeting
Friday 9th Year 10 Academic Review2 issued to Parents
UCAS References: Subject Teacher deadline
Junior School Olympics (NJO)
Saturday 10th School Sports and Garden Party (compulsory for Years 7 – 10)
Sunday 11th Year 9 Trip to Sealyham (to ? July incl) (PF)
Wednesday 14th Years 7 & 8 Reports issued to Parents
Friday 16th Extended Assembly for Achievers (p1 PSHE)
Wednesday 21st End of Term for Pupils (Early Closure 1.00 pm) - Staff Meeting 1.15 pm
Thursday 22nd Staff Day
Friday 23rd Staff Day


August 2021

Thursday 19th GCE Results released to pupils
Thursday 26th GCSE Results released to pupils