Campion offers an array of extracurricular music opportunities. Students are encouraged to take up an instrument and music lessons within the school, and join one of the School's ensembles or choirs. On this page you can find information about the extracurricular music at Campion and upcoming events.


Music Sixth 2Upcoming Events

At this time there are no upcoming events. However, information about upcoming music events will be posted here in the future.


Music tuition

More information about music tuition outside the curriculum can be found here.



Music GenericThe School hosts two choirs for students. First, all students in Year 7 perform in the Year 7 Choir. The Choir teaches even the reluctant that they can sing and that music is a part of all of us. Second, the Chamber Choir draws its repertoire from the wealth of Latin liturgical music of Europe. Some English composers are featured, as well as music in French. The Choir has a thriving social atmosphere and a rigorous work ethic, and is a wonderful ambassador for the school. Recent engagements have included visits to Walsingham and Westminster Cathedral to sing at National events, as well as tours to Canada, Rome and Paris. Entrance to the Chamber Choir is by audition only.


Bands & Ensembles

The School features a series of bands and ensembles for students of different abilities. For more information about the groups, please visit the Music Department in School. The bands and ensembles at Campion are:

  • Brass Ensemble
    The Brass Ensemble is open to all brass players, from beginners to grade 8.
  • Classical Guitar Group
    This group caters for all classical guitarists of all standards, with music arranged to be accessible to all.
  • Concert Band
    Entry to the Concert Band is by invitation only. It focuses on music of around grade 5 standard upwards, and plays at school events and tours.
  • Electric Guitar Group
    This group is by invitation only and is usually for Sixth Formers and Year 11. The group plays arrangements of timeless songs.
  • Jazz Quartet
    A near professional group who work with Mr. Adam.
  • String Ensemble
    The String Ensemble is open to all violin, viola, cello and double bass players. It caters for the standards of the students who would like to be in it, bringing together beginners to about grade 5.
  • String Quartet
    Entry to the String Quartet is by invitation only.
  • Wind Band
    The Wind Band is open to all wind players. The Band focuses on learning ensemble skills from the beginning. When students reach grade 4 or 5 standard they are usually invited to transfer to the Concert Band. All instrumentalists in Years 7 to 9 play in the Wind Band, regardless of their standard.
  • Wind Trio
    A near professional group who work with Mr Corkin and perform on their own.