Most issues related to on-line are covered in the Extra Information Including Remote Learning sections for pupils and parents, so please have a look through before contacting the school: for example, how to access work and what to do if you lose a password are all covered.

Below are some of the most common questions.

Q. How should my child structure his/her day?

We recommend that pupils follow their normal school timetable as far as possible.

Q. Why do you run so many on-line platforms?

We try to limit the number of providers but there are some very good learning platforms that we would like to make the most of. Also, some are better for some subjects than others. To make it easier for pupils, all work is set via Moodle so this is the primary port of call for all work.

Q. What happens if my son/daughter struggles with the work and needs help?

Pupils can message their teacher via Moodle to ask for help.

Q. How will my child find out if there is going to be a live lesson?

At least 24 hours’ notice will be given on Moodle. Pupils should routinely check Moodle twice a day.

Q. Why do you not do more live lessons?

Live lessons are a growing part of our repertoire but we also want to maintain a range of teaching methods and delivery. Live lessons provide a valuable opportunity for pupils to interact with their teachers, but this has many limitations. Pupils need to have the opportunity to work independently on a range of tasks and learning activities.

Many pupils also need to have a degree of flexibility in their day which is difficult if he or she has too many live lesson, for example where internet access is shared with other members of the household.

Q. If my child misses a live lesson, can he/she catch up?

Notes from lessons are normally put on Moodle. Pupils can also message staff via Moodle for the lessons content.

Q. What happens if my child does not complete a task or do the homework?

Parents are informed if work is missed. This is for information and does not necessarily mean that a sanction is recorded. If there is a pattern of missed work or concern that your son/daughter is not engaging with work, a member staff  may contact you directly to discuss.​

Q. How can I best support my child?

Your son/daughter will benefit from a structured daily routine that includes exercise and fresh air. He/she needs to keep on top of the work but also to take opportunities to expand learning beyond the work that is set. Your encouragement and interest will support this.