Information for parents about students' work and using the school's online resources will be kept up-to-date on this page. If you wish to know when this page was last revised, the date the page was last updated can be seen in the footer at the bottom of the page.

Staff have been putting together videos about studying at home. Click here to view the videos. Students can sign in using their school username and password (more help on the For Students page), and parents can access the page using a password that has been shared via email. 


Helping your Children at Home

You may find the following information from PiXL helpful. They recommend the following:

  • Routine - being educated at home is very different to being in a school environment and routine is key. Don’t overload your child’s day with just school work. Doing a chunk of focused work each day will help to maintain their structure and also allow them to balance this with free time and/or creative activities.
  • Fresh air - fresh air is good for our health and exercise is an important part of our daily lives. Fresh air has been shown to help us digest food more effectively, improve blood pressure, heart rate, and strengthen our immune systems. It also makes us happier by promoting higher levels of positive emotions.
  • Support - isolation has a negative effect on mental health and happiness. Children need some independence and time to connect with others. They also need reassurance, kindness and love so keep an eye on your child’s happiness, emotions and moods.
  • Keep updated - maintain a positive relationship with your child’s school and teachers to find out what measures will be in place to support your child’s learning. Keep up to date with the news daily so you are aware of the current situation and any new guidelines.

Read more in their pamphlet.


School Work for Students

Members of staff have prepared work for all year groups on Doodle and Moodle, and this should be available to access via the school website. Resources are being used from many websites including MyMaths and Pearson. More information can be found on the For Students page.

 Remote education provision

Students Still Attending School

We remain partially open to support children who are vulnerable and whose families work in key roles. The government has published a list of key workers so that they can be provided with the support they need during this time of national crisis. If you fall into one of the categories listed and require the school to provide educational support and a placement at school, please respond urgently to

For students still coming to school each day, a revised timetable has been made available on this page. Please note students should arrive in school at the normal time and the day will finish at 2.40 PM. Students should bring with them the books they require for the day's timetable, though students will complete work set on Doddle and Moodle. For more information, please see the page linked to. If your son/daughter is expected to continue attending school but is NOT going to attend school on a specific day, please notify the school using the normal procedure.


Additional Study Activities

If you're looking for ideas on extra activities your child can do whilst at home, check out some of the ideas on our ideas page.


GCSEs, BTECs and A-Levels

More information about GCSEs, BTECs and A-Levels can be found on this dedicated page.


Support and Distancing Measures During COVID-19

Further information can also be found at the following places: