Information about studying at home and using the school's online resources will be kept up-to-date on this page. If you wish to know when this page was last revised, the date the page was last updated can be seen in the footer at the bottom of the page.


Studying at Home

Your teachers are using a variety of resources to help you study at home whilst the school remains closed:

  • Moodle (
    When you visit the Moodle website you'll be asked to sign in using the Microsoft website. Your username is the same as your school username, followed by For example, if your name was Alex Baker, and you joined the school in 2019, your username for Moodle would be

    Your password is the same as your password that you use for the computers at school. If you need your password reset, please email, giving your full name and username.
  • Doddle (
    You should already know your Doddle username and password. If you don't, please contact the school using the contact forms on the school's website (on our Contact page).
  • SAM Learning (
    Students now have 24/7 access to SAM Learning - an online resource similar to Doddle and Moodle. SAM Learning contains thousands of revision activities, across many KS3 and GCSE subjects - and is particularly good for quick review checks on learning. Instructions for accessing SAM Learning.

Online Learning (KS3) Online Learning (KS4) Online Learning (KS5) Moodle Basics Teams Basics


Additional Study Activities

If you're looking for ideas on extra activities you can do whilst at home, check out some of the ideas on our ideas page.


Coping with Coronavirus

Advice on coping with stress, anxiety and coronavirus can be found here.