Swimming Pool

We are pleased to announce that bookings are now being accepted for our swimming pool.

Please note that additional terms of use will apply to all bookings to ensure the safety of our hirers, clients and the staff and pupils of the school. These terms will be subject to change as required to remain in line with the latest central and local government guidelines.

Full information and forms for completion can be found on our main Lettings page under ‘Key Contacts and Forms’.

School Lettings

In order to limit non-essential visits to the school, all other facilities remain closed to external hirers.  We are currently working on risk assessments to determine if and when it will be possible to open any other facilities to external hirers.

3BX Fitness

In light of the most recent Government announcement and in order to limit non-essential visits to the school, 3BX Fitness is also be closed until further notice.


Please do not telephone or email the school for updates. We will post updates on this page as soon as possible should circumstances change.


More Information

More information can also be found at the following places: