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This page will be kept up-to-date with information for students who require a school placement from Monday, 23rd March. Please observe the following instructions for arriving and working at school, and note the revised timetable below.

If you are not going to attend school on a specific day, please notify the school using the normal procedure.

  • You must arrive in school at normal time
  • You should bring with them books required for the day's timetable
  • You will complete work set on Doddle and Moodle
  • Full school uniform should be worn
  • We will notify you about games/PE and other opportunities once we have completed a full timetable for staff.


Revised Timetable from Monday 23rd March

The following timetable applies to all students attending school in person.

08:55 Registration in the Main Hall followed by prayer/assembly
09:10 Period 1
10:10 Period 2
11:10 Morning Break in Sixth Form Block
11:30 Period 3
12:30 Lunch in Sixth Form Block
13:15 Registration in the Main Hall
13:20 Period 4
14:00 Period 5
14:40 School finishes

Buses have been called for the end of the school day.