Exam Board Entry Requirements Subject Leader
AQA Grade 6 at GCSE Miss A Giesen

This course is designed for those students who wish to extend and develop their studies in Art and Design (Fine Art) to a greater depth than required at GCSE. This is a 2 year A Level course. We follow the FINE ART endorsement from AQA.

In the first two terms of study students will follow a teacher led programme, refreshing skills, composition, drawing, scale and use of media. They will also explore mini-project ideas.

Students are required to complete 2 Units of work. Component 1 is the Personal Investigation – worth 60% of final mark, where they will be expected to produce practical work and a written investigation of 1000 to 3000 words. Their work should be linked in some way to contemporary or past practice of artists. Component 2 is an Externally Set Assignment – worth 40% of final mark, in which students will respond to one of eight starting points. This will culminate in 15 hour of supervised time in which they are expected to fully realise their ideas.

Art Older 2

Students are encouraged to visit galleries/exhibitions and to document these trips. They are also expected to take photographs and make use of digital technologies to inform and support their work Each year a number of students progress successfully to courses in Higher Education.

In recent years we have a large number of students who have gone on to study Architecture, Fine Art, Illustration and Animation. Examples of our students' work can be seen below, as well as on our Gallery page.


Unit 1: Personal Investigation

This is a practical investigation supported by written material that is worth 60% of marks. Students will investigate the work of contemporary or past practice of artists, photographers, designers or craftspeople. They will produce a series of studies from their chosen artist and then develop their own ideas/work from an aspect of this investigation. The practical work is accompanied by a 1000-3000 word essay with a bibliography.


Unit 2: External Set Assignment

An exam board set assignment that is worth 40% of marks. Question papers are available from 1st February. Students choose one starting point to develop. They will produce a body of work to support their final piece/outcome. The final piece is produced in a 15 hour exam.



Both components are examined by the centre and assessed by an external moderator. We expect students to spend some of their study time in the art department in addition to their timetabled classes. Homework is essential. Much of the sketchbook work will be done at home. The 4 Assessment Objectives are equally weighted:

  • AO1: Develop ideas through sustained and focused investigations informed by contextual and other sources, demonstrating analytical and critical understanding.
  • AO2: Explore and select appropriate resources, media,materials, techniques and processes, reviewing and refining ideas as work develops.
  • AO3: Record ideas, observations and insights relevant tointentions, reflecting critically on work and progress.
  • AO4: Present a personal and meaningful response that realisesintentions and, where appropriate, makes connections between visual and other elements.


Progression into Higher Education/Vocational Destinations

Art Foundation Course, Architecture, Animation, Fine Art, Illustration, Teaching, Design, Photography, Fashion, Film and Video.