The government intends that exams will go ahead in summer 2022, with some changes to exams and non-exam assessments:

  • exams will be graded more generously this year – providing a safety net for students
  • advance information will help students to focus their revision
  • exam boards have provided advance information for exams in most subjects
  • students will have a choice of topics or content in some other GCSE subjects
  • exam boards will provide a formulae sheet and an updated equation sheet that students will have in their GCSE maths, physics and combined science exams

 Important Dates

16th May to 23rd June 2022 GCSE written examinations
16th May to 24th June 2022 A Level written examinations
29th June 2022 Contingency Day
18th August 2022 A Level/BTEC Results
25th August 2022 GCSE Results



A list of all policies relating to exams and assessments can be found on the Policies page