Geography helps us make sense of world both from the human and physical perspectives! Geography as a subject has never been more relevant. The recent earthquake and Tsunami of a few years ago in Japan, the credit crunch and affordable housing are topics we see in headlines on daily papers. Each touches on those topics taught at all three Key Stages at The Campion School from the perspective of how the physical world impacts on the human world and vice versa. 

Issues we look at include global climate change and acid rain, the growth of cities, the effects of migration on populations and the effects of globalisation and future employment. We look at these issues and how they impact us at a range of scales - local, national and global. 

Geography helps us make sense of world and our own place in it! It helps us understand different cultures, both around the world and within our own. Geography helps us understand the need for tolerance and acceptance, and our responsibilities as citizens of the UK. It teaches us the need to be responsible for our environment, both locally and globally.

Geography is a subject that invites students to develop a range of skills 

  • Students learn how to read and use maps;
  • Students learn how to analysis data promoting numeracy;
  • Students learn the skill of problem solving and the importance of opinions and debate;
  • Students develop their skills in ICT;
  • Students develop their personnel and social education through pair and group work;
  • Students will develop organisational skills through fieldwork.

Geography is a subject that invites students to develop a range of skills both in school and at home 

  • Students develop the above skills both in lessons and at home through appropriate class and homework tasks intended to meet the learning needs of students through excellent teaching which caters for a range of pupil learning styles;
  • Students develop their skills via a range of fun and interesting activities that will promote further individual research. 


Geography is a subject that invites students to develop a range of skills to cope with different types of assessments. Students are assessed through a range of assessments; written formal assessments; oral presentations and through creative project based tasks to again allow for different students to show their understanding for Geography to allow for the strengths and weaknesses associated with different students learning styles.