At Key Stage 3 we teach the students an overview of the history of Britain from the Norman Conquest to the Second World War so they can understand how the country has developed as well as its role in the wider world. We focus on how the country has changed over that time and study issues such as the development of democracy, civil rights and the impact of war and conflict.  We also develop skills which will enable them to access the GCSE style questions and which they will also be able to apply in their everyday lives. 


Year 7

Students in Year 7 focus on developing analytical skills and historical narrative, as well as skills for analysing interpretations of historical events. They undertake study in the following topics:

  • The Norman Conquest
  • How did Medieval monarchs meet the challenges they faced?
    • Establishing control after the Conquest
    • Cooperation and rivalry with the Church
    • Conflict between King John and the barons
    • Impact of the 100 Years War
    • Impact of the Black Death
    • The Peasants' Revolt
    • The Wars of the Roses and the reputation of Richard III 


Year 8

Building on their analytical skills developed in Year 7, students in Year 8 develop skills for analysing sources. Topics investigated in Year 8 include:

  • The causes and impact of the English Reformation
  • How did Elizabeth secure control of England?
  • The causes and impact of the English Civil War
  • Slavery to civil rights
    • The triangle of trade
    • The treatment of slaves
    • Slave resistance
    • The abolition of slavery
    • The civil rights movement in the USA


Year 9

In Year 9, students further develop their essay writing skills, focusing on analytical, evaluative and historical narrative skills. They also continue to develop their skills in analysing interpretations and sources. Topics covered include:

  • World War One: A new type of war
    • What were the causes, conditions and impact of war?
    • How fairly were conscientious objectors and deserters treated?
    • How should we remember World War One?
  • World War Two: A global war
    • What were the causes?
    • What were the most significant turning points in the war?
    • What are war crimes?
    • Was the USA right to drop the atomic bomb on Japan?
  • The Holocaust
    • Did anti-semitism begin and end with the Nazis?
    • How did the Nazis introduce anti-semitic policies?
    • What were the conditions in the camps?
    • Resistance to the Nazis?
    • What should we remember the Holocaust?