Exam Board Entry Requirements Subject Leader
Edexcel Grade 8 at GCSE Miss M Carpenter

The aims of the Mathematics Department are to enable students to:

  • understand mathematics and mathematical processes in a way that promotes confidence, enjoyment and provides a good foundation for progress to further study or employment.
  • reason logically and recognise incorrect reasoning
  • use their mathematical skills to solve challenging problems that require them to decide on appropriate strategies
  • use calculators effectively and recognise when their use may be inappropriate
  • take responsibility for their progress and develop the discipline necessary for their mathematical development.



The A-Level in Further Mathematics consists of four papers. Each paper lasts for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

  • Paper 1: Core Pure Mathematics
  • Paper 2: Core Pure Mathematics
    Content includes proof, complex numbers, further algebra and functions, further calculus, further vectors, polar coordinates, hyperbolic functions and differential equations.
  • Paper 3: Further Statistics 1
    Content includes discrete probability distributions, poisson and binomial distributions, geometric and negative binomial distributions, hypothesis testing, central limit theorem, chi squared tests, probability generating functions and quality of tests.
  • Paper 4: Further Mechanics 1
    Content includes momentum and impulse, work, energy and power, elastic strings and springs and elastic energy, elastic collisions in one dimension and in two dimensions.


Progression onto Higher Education/Vocational Destinations

A-Level Further Mathematics is an acceptable qualification for degrees in mathematics, biological sciences, engineering,  environmental sciences, computer science, medicine and vocational fields such as law, accountancy, surveying etc. A-Level mathematics is an acceptable entry qualification into careers in banking, accountancy and other financial  and business areas, engineering, computing, electronics, surveying, architecture, etc.