Exam Board Entry Requirements Subject Leader
Edexcel Students must have at least a grade 8 at GCSE Miss M Carpenter

To develop an understanding of mathematics and mathematical processes in a way that promotes confidence and fosters enjoyment.

Core Paper 1

Proof, Complex numbers, Matrices, Further Algebra and Functions, Further Calculus, Further Vectors.

Core Paper 2

Complex Numbers, Further Algebra and Functions, Further Calculus, Polar Coordinates, Hyperbolic Functions and Differential equations

Summary Paper 3

F Statistics 1

Distributions (Discrete and Continuous), Hypothesis Testing and Chi squared tests.

F Mechanics 1

Momentum and Impulse, Collisions, Work and energy, Elastic strings and springs.

Summary Paper 4

F Statistics 2

Probability distributions, Combinations of random variables, other hypothesis tests, Probability generating functions, Quality of tests.

F Mechanics 2

Further kinematics, Further dynamics, Motion in a circle, Elastic collisions in two dimensions



The A level consists of 4, one hour and 30 minute papers, each out of 75. The options for Paper 3 and 4 are given as above.

Progression onto Higher Education/Vocational Destinations

A level Further Mathematics is an acceptable qualification for degrees in Mathematics, Biological sciences, engineering, environmental sciences, computer science, medicine and vocational fields such as law, accountancy, surveying etc.

A level Mathematics is an acceptable entry qualification into careers in banking, accountancy and other financial and business areas, engineering, computing, electronics, surveying, architecture, etc.