Exam Board Subject Leader
Edexcel Mrs H Delarue-Ward


We follow the Edexcel  exam board. All skills are assessed at the end of the course: Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing. Each skill is worth 25% of the GCSE. For the GCSE, students will need to have a working knowledge of approximately 2000 words. 

There are five Themes covered through the GCSE course: 

  • Theme 1 – Identity and Culture 
  • Theme 2 – Local Area, holidays and travel 
  • Theme 3 – School 
  • Theme 4 – Future Aspirations, Work and School 
  • Theme 5 – Global and International Dimension



All pupils at Key Stage 4 can purchase a CGP revision guide to support them. Pupils have access to all vocabulary sheets on Doodle and to Pearson Active Learn online to reinforce their learning. Booster sessions run throughout the year at lunchtime or after school to support pupils through the GCSE course. Keynote conference run in school to prepare pupils for their examination.