Students in Year 7 receive 5 lessons in Science per fortnight. They cover topics from tissues and transport to electrical circuits and the solar system. In Year 8, students receive 6 lessons per fortnight and cover subjects ranging from heat food and diseases to hearing and light. This foundational knowledge provides a platform on which Years 9, 10 and 11 can build upon.


Biology Younger 1Year 7

Topics covered in Year 7:

  • Autumn Term
    7A Tissues and Transport
    7I Energy and Sustainable Living
    7E Acids and Alkalis
    7J Electrical Circuits
  • Spring Term
    7B Sex and Science
    7F Bubbles, Bangs and Burning
    7K Forces and their Effects
    7G What a Waste
  • Summer Term
    7H Materials from the Earth
    7D Classified
    7L The Solar System
    7C Ecology Matters


Year 8

Topics covered in Year 8:

  • Autumn Term
    8E Water
    8J Forces and Transport
    8F Materials and Recycling
    8A Food Glorious Food
  • Spring Term
    8I Heat Transfers
    8G All that Glitters
    8C Doctors and Disease
  • Summer Term
    8K Light
    8D The Way of the Dodo
    8L Sounds and Hearing
    8H Explaining the Earth