Our facilities will be closed as detailed below, and therefore unavailable for hire or use. All dates are inclusive.


2019 Closures

  • Thursday 12th September - sports hall closed
  • Thursday 26th to Friday 27th September - all facilities closed
  • Thursday 17th to Friday 18th October - sports hall closed
  • Thursday 31st October - sports hall closed
  • Monday 11th to Wednesday 13th November - sports hall closed
  • Wednesday 13th November - limited parking available
  • Monday 2nd December to Tuesday 17th December - sports hall closed
  • Wednesday 25th to Friday 27th December - all facilities closed


2020 Closures

  • Wednesday 1st January - all facilities closed
  • Tuesday 25th February - sports hall closed
  • Monday 23rd March to Wednesday 25th March - sports hall closed
  • Wednesday 25th March - limited parking available
  • Friday 10th to Monday 13th April - all facilities closed
  • Monday 4th May to Friday 22nd May - sports hall closed
  • Friday 8th May - amended from 4th May 2020, all facilities closed
  • Monday 25th May - all facilities closed
  • Monday 1st June to Friday 26th June - sports hall closed 
  • Saturday 4th July - all facilities closed, limited parking available
  • Monday 3rd to Sunday 9th August - swimming pool closed for maintenance 
  • Monday 31st August - all facilities closed