Hit the Road 2019

Photos from the walk can be found here.

On behalf of all the walkers, thank you for your support and sponsorship for the annual TCT Walk that took place on Saturday. As I write this morning, we have raised over £5,420 (plus over £1,000 in gift aid).  This is a tremendous sum of money raised and I know that we have much more to come from sponsorship and match funding.

To all our walkers, thank you for taking part and helping to raise this incredible sum of money.  I know that the weather at times wasn't great but spirits were high and everybody seemed in good humour. To the Committee and helpers - thank you once again for bringing the community together.  The route itself was quite amazing and I think we forgive you for the hills at the start! I know you put a great deal of effort into planning this - on behalf of all the walkers and their supporters - thank you.

I will write to you once we have a final figure raised and send details of the presentation to our charity, Teenage Cancer Trust. In the meantime, please continue to share the good news of your achievements and encourage as many people as possible to donate via our JustGiving page.

In grateful appreciation for all you do to support our school and its causes.

K Williams, Headmaster