We invite applications from Year 11 students, both within and outside the Main School, who wish to continue their education within a Catholic school environment. 

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Entry Requirements

Admission to the Sixth Form requires sufficient GCSE qualifications for the courses you wish to study. At Campion, you can opt either for an A Level programme of study or to a BTEC course. Entry requirements (note that these may be reviewed):

  • GCE Advanced Levels: Overall 6 grades 5 – 9 at GCSE or equivalent (but grade 6 is normally required for admission to a subject already taken at GCSE, and grade 7 is required in mathematics). Specific entry requirements for some individual subjects are listed in Departmental Information.
  • BTEC Courses: 4 grades 4 – 9 at GCSE

The Headmaster may allow exceptions to these qualification requirements where there is aknown reason for a student’s under-achievement at GCSE or where he determines that a student will not impede the progress of other students following the course. The governors will admit up to 180 students to the Sixth Form per year, basing any decisions if there is severe over-subscription on the Admissions Criteria, copies of which are available from the school office.

N.B. The school will offer more than 180 places in order to ensure that the Year Group admission number of 180 is met, but may have to cease offering places once an upper limit on offers (200) has been reached. A waiting list will be established and maintained in this event. Any offer of a place will be honoured by the school provided that the course requirements are met.

The governors will also consider any particular application for a place or course in one of theschool’s areas of strength or expertise of science, mathematics, sport and physical education, music and leadership and if they consider the application sufficiently meritorious they will offer a supernumerary place.


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Choosing Your Course(s)

Choosing whether to study a BTEC course or combination of GCE A-Levels is an important decision that should be discussed with both your parents and current teachers. For more information about the courses offered at Campion, and how to make your decision, please visit the Choosing Your Course(s) page.



We ask that students wishing to apply to the Sixth Form complete an online submission form linked below. Applications received after the closing date will normally be treated as late. This means your application will be dealt with after all on time applications have been processed, unless there is evidence, or you provide evidence, to show that the application could not reasonably have been made on time.

Internal Student Application

2020 Campion Year 11 application to the Sixth Form

Admissions to the School for existing students entering Year 12 will close on Friday, 14th February 2020.

External Student Application

Sixth Form - Online submission form

If you are invited to attend a meeting to discuss your application, please bring, if applicable, with you the original of your Baptismal Certificate or equivalent and proof of your parent(s)/carer(s) address with a current utility bill.

Before applying, we ask that you please read the Admissions Criteria for the School. 

Admissions to the School for external students entering Year 12 will close on Friday, 10th January 2020. If you wish to discuss your application, please contact us via the email address admissions@thecampionschool.org.uk.



The School makes available a bursary for students between the ages of 16 and 19 in certain situations. You can read more about the 16-19 Bursary here.