The following are frequently asked questions and their answers.

Will I need to buy anything special?

You will be provided with a t-shirt and should just wear track suit bottoms or shorts or something that you feel comfortable to walk in. You may wish to bring a waterproof if the weather forecast is not too good.

What about footwear?

Trainers will be the most suitable footwear. If you are planning to buy a new pair, it would be a good idea to tell the shop assistants what you are planning to do so that they can recommend some suitable trainers. You must wear something that you have practiced in though!


The Big Day

How will I know what route I have to take?

You will be provided with a map and instructions about what route to follow. This will be made available to you some time before the day so that you have time to have a good look at it in advance of the big day.

We will also provide an electronic version of the walk.

When will I know what the route is?

The paper version will be available on the Campion School website as soon as it is completed. The first versions will be drafts and there will be corrections and improvements made to the initial drafts. The final version should be available the week before the walk. You may then wish to print a copy.

What should I do if I am unable to print it out.

Don’t worry, there will be some available for collection at the starts of both the full and short walks.

When and where does the 20 mile walk start and end?

The 20 mile walk will start from Regents Park l in London. The nearest station is Baker Street. Please check your route to Baker Street before the day. At the moment, it looks like the Bakerloo line is not running but the Jubilee Line goes to Baker Street and is running. It also looks like the District Line and Hammersmith and City lines are not running between Barking and Aldgate East. It looks like the trains from Shenfield, Brentwood and Romford are running!!

Please see ‘Joining Instructions for directions on how to get to the exact location of the start.

What time will I need to be there?

The walk is due to leave at 10.00am If you arrive from 9.30am, there will be refreshments available. There is a café in the park near to the start. There are also toilets near to the start. You will need a 20p coin to use them.

There is a Wetherspoon pub near to Baker Street Station where you could go and start the day with a coffee or even breakfast.

Where does the walk end?

Once again, we are ending the walk in The Ledger Building at Canary Wharf. This is a Wetherspoon pub. A room has been set aside for us but there is lots of room there, both inside and outside. You will be able to see other walkers arriving if you are outside.

How will I get home from Canary Wharf at the end of the walk?

You will have to make your own arrangements using public transport. The closest station is West India Quay on the DLR. Canary Wharf station which is on the DLR and Jubilee Line are also quite near to the pub. Both the Jubilee Line and DLR appear to be running on that day.

What if I can’t complete the walk?

Most of the walk is either along or close to main roads and if you feel that you cannot complete the walk, you would be able to get a bus or train home or to Canary Wharf where we finish.

Will there be any water available on the walk?

There will be water available at the start of the walk and at the midpoint in Finsbury Park. However, as the walk is during the day, there will be plenty of shops open if you wish to purchase a bottle of water.

How will we know where toilets etc. are?

There are toilets at the start of the walk. You will need a 20p coin to use these. There are toilets along the route which have been marked on the map.

Will there be a pub or somewhere for refreshments at the end of the route?

Once again, we are ending the walk in The Ledger Building at Canary Wharf. This is a Wetherspoon pub. A room has been set aside for us but there is lots of room there, both inside and outside. You will be able to see other walkers arriving if you are outside.


The 10 mile walk

When and where does the 10 mile walk start and end?

The short walk is due to start in Finsbury Park. The nearest station to the meeting point is Manor House which is on the Piccadilly Line.

There will be people there from about 12.00. The 20 mile walkers will start to come through from then. The start of the 10 mile walk is not quite the same as the route that the 20 mile walkers will take from this point but when the short walkers have done less than half a mile, they will be on the same course as the 20 mile walkers.

What time do I need to be Finsbury Park to start the short walk?

We recommend that you arrive at Finsbury Park at about 12.30 so that you are ready to leave at 12.45. This time, though is quite flexible.

Will I be able to join my friends who are doing the 20 mile walk?

You can get to Finsbury Park and wait for them to come through but the route that the short walkers take will be different to the route of the long course walkers.  It should take about 8 minutes for the short walkers to get to the long course route and it will take the long course walkers about 20 minutes to get to that same point.  If you liaise with your friends, you should be able to meet up. See page 9 of the route map.

Is it possible to do the first half of the 10 mile walk?

Yes. This is possible. Some people in the past have done the first half. The certificates will all be at the end of the walk in Canary Wharf and so you will need to collect your certificate after the walk.