The process for awarding Centre Assessment Grades (CAGs) at The Campion School for 2020 is outlined on this page.

Careful consideration was given to all information and guidance provided by Ofqual and other relevant professional bodies before implementing the following process which was deemed to be fair, rigorous and in the best interests of pupils. The process relied heavily on the professional judgement of individual subject teachers who were best placed to make sound judgements regarding what grade the pupil would have achieved if they had sat an examination in Summer 2020.

  • Guidance from Ofqual regarding the types of evidence that could be used to reach judgements were provided to staff, i.e. mock exam results, internal assessments and homework assignments.
  • Staff accessed their SIMS marksheets which detailed prior attainment data for individual pupils, together with target grades and predicted grades.
  • Subject Leaders were provided with historic attainment and progress data for their department over the last 2-3 years to give context for their judgements.
  • Subject Leaders were given a guidance document explaining how to carry out the process and meetings with the Senior Leadership Team were held to ensure Subject Leaders felt confident with conducting the process.
  • Teachers used all available evidence to establish a grade, which was coded as being ‘very secure’, ‘secure’ or ‘not secure’. Pupils were then ranked within each grade, adhering to the Exam Board regulations stipulating that each student had to have an individual rank and there could be no tied rankings.
  • Subject Leaders conducted a departmental meeting with all subject teachers for the process of standardising the grades and rankings across all teaching groups. These took place remotely via Microsoft Teams or during face to face in school.
  • The Headteacher (Head of Centre), Assessment Leader and Data Manager followed up this process using Alps, FFT and SMID to analyse each department’s provisional Centre Assessment Grades, taking into account the school’s historic performance over the past three years and the prior attainment of the cohort.
  • The Assessment Leader conducted a review of each department’s CAGs with every Subject Leader, discussing matters arising and identifying any issues.
  • Subject Leaders then conducted a review with their subject teachers to finalise the CAGs.
  • A final review was conducted by the Assessment Leader to ensure the CAGs were a realistic representation of the cohort’s ability, in line with the school’s historic performance and free from unconscious bias.
  • The data was confidentially uploaded to the system of the relevant awarding body by the Exams Officers and then double checked for accuracy by Subject Leaders prior to being ‘signed off’ by the Subject Leader.
  • The Exams officers double checked for any administrative errors and none were found prior to submission
  • The Head of Centre did final checks that due process had been followed and duly signed and submitted the declaration to awarding bodies