Studying languages is about learning to understand a foreign language in a wide variety of situations for the purposes of practical communication. Learning a foreign language is a lively, active subject in which students are encouraged to use and understand the language both imaginatively and creatively in lessons and outside the classroom. Language learning is key to developing an appreciation of the culture of France or Italy as well as of the language structure and grammar thereof. Each student is offered an insight into the culture and civilisation of French and French speaking countries or Italian, with the aim of promoting international understanding and a greater understanding of themselves and their own culture.

We aim to provide an environment which facilitates enjoyment, challenge and intellectual stimulation for students of all abilities and offer our students a variety of challenges, competitions and trips throughout their time at Campion.

Optimum use of the target language is paramount and students are encouraged to use the target language throughout their language lesson both with the teacher and with each other. This begins in Year 7 and is reinforced every lesson through repetition, mime, speaking tasks, videos, music and the emphasis on phonics.

The curriculum is geared towards developing abilities and confidence in speaking, listening, reading and writing in the language studied and students are assessed on these skills in all key stages as part of a peer or self-assessment task or as a summative assessment.