The Modern Foreign Languages department at the Campion school is committed to giving students the opportunity to discover new cultures through an enjoyable experience of learning a foreign language. We believe that the study of a foreign language helps students develop a sense of cultural pluralism, an openness to and appreciation of other cultures. In a globalised world characterised by international links and intercultural connections, linguistic skills are crucial for employment and career as proficiency in a foreign language enhances career opportunities. 

The Campion School Modern Foreign Languages department is an enthusiastic and dedicated team of linguists who encourage students to progress in all four skill areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing while bringing languages alive though a range of interactive and varied lessons. 

The MFL department is committed to raising the profile of language learning through competitions a as well as trips abroad. At both Key Stages, students follow the Studio course in French. At GCSE, students will sit all of their exams at the end of Year 11 with the Edexcel exam board. 

At The Campion school, language lessons incorporate cultural and creative projects, grammar and translation activities, vocabulary learning games as well as activities, which develop the four skills to enable students to achieve their potential and become confident independent young linguists. Our students enjoy working in groups, pairs and individually, within the classroom. There is a positive learning environment in our classes, where students willingly step out of their comfort zone and actively take part in lessons. 

To support and challenge our students, we provide them with vocabulary help sheets downloadable on Doodle. Access to Pearson Active Learn website develops and extends their classwork and homework. They also have access to fantastic interactive language learning resources like Quizlet, Memrise, Duolingo,, which provide a fun way to learn a language independently.