The Psychology Department at The Campion School works to inspire and enthuse all students to understand all aspects of human behaviour, regardless of ability. It actively encourages all students to develop their curiosity and promotes the development of analytical minds which question ‘why’ and ‘how’ within in a scientific framework. 

PsiAs a new subject to the school at A Level, the Psychology Department aims to offer the students a unique opportunity to study this fascinating subject, yet recognises that students are able to build on their existing knowledge of human physiology and core scientific principles alongside their understanding of the wider social and historical climate in which behaviours exist. As such, the Psychology curriculum also contributes to students' spiritual, moral, social and cultural education, all of which facilitates captivating discussions in lessons!

The Psychology Department at The Campion School follows the AQA Psychology course which offers a broad and balanced A Level and incorporates not only the key Psychological theories and scientific concepts fully, but also offers students the opportunity to study some of the more interesting aspects of human behaviour such as psychopathology, obedience and aggression.