Students at The Campion School are introduced to Technology through a range of imaginative design and practical projects. They explore a range of contexts and materials learning about mechanisms, structures, food, electronics, engineering and Computer Aided Design, whilst developing their vocabulary and practical skills through creative projects. Students are taught in both graphics rooms and workshops in a central Technology area. 

At Key Stage 3 students work through a series of practical tasks and projects generating design portfolio work and practical outcomes in a range of materials through years 7-9. Each student will be introduced to formal elements such as teaching them to use a range of tools, to controlling and manipulating a range of outcomes. 3D projects are used to introduce students to wood, metals and plastics. All portfolio work is carried out in the design rooms which are equipped with networked computers. All practical work is undertaken in the well-equipped workshops. All students will have the opportunity to take home at least 3 different 3D outcomes each year. Whilst the extensive use of CAD/CAM is encouraged and used throughout this Key stage. 

At key stage 4 students are given the opportunity to take Technology as an option. The take up rate for these courses is usually very high with students regularly achieving over 90% level 4 and above. The subject is also offered for ‘A’ level as Product Design. This is open to students who achieved a ‘Level 6 or higher at GCSE. Many of the students who take this subject carry on at university in this area achieving excellent results.