English Student's Work Published

Last school year, English students in Year 7 and 8 took part in a national writing competition entitled "Mission Contamination". Their task was to create a 100 word short story (or mini-saga as they are known), which involved the theme of contamination. This task really got the students’ creative juices flowing and the English Department was very impressed by their enthusiasm and effort. As a result, some of the students’ work was selected for publication in "Mission Contamination: Essex". The publication series of these books has also been shortlisted for a national award. It has been an exciting opportunity to showcase our students’ writing talents in a ‘real world’ environment. This task has shown that the boys at Campion possess both imagination and creativity; there may be a few budding George Orwell’s amongst us!

Here are a few of the published entries.


They Came Back – Oliver Brooks (Year 8)

They enter East France. Thousands, if not millions of them. Ripped, dirty blue uniforms. Dented steel helmets. Nazi symbols on their sleeves. Ready to do what they couldn’t do eighty years ago… take over the world. First, they start by taking villages, then towns, then cities, then the country. This time though, it will be easier. Nobody knows they exist. Anyone within ten feet of them is infected with a disease nicknamed ‘Pansachov’. The name comes from one of the weapons they used called a Panzerfaust which had a devastating effect. Please… save yourself before they catch you…


The Sailor’s Return – Matthew Castellate (Year 8)

After a long, treacherous year, the sailor was back. The townsfolk were on the shoreline, crying, not believing their eyes. After a motionless minute, the sailor’s boat glided upon the pebble stone beach as his two twelve-year-old sons ran towards him. But as they got about ten steps away, they suddenly turned around and ran back to their mum. The sailor sprang up and darted forwards at pace. Everyone ran except for his wife, whom he embraced. However, even she was horrified to see giant boils covering most of his skin. She knew that he shouldn’t have come back…


The Experiment- Harry Field (Year 8)

The experiment was said to be successful, but it was far from that. Lethal fumes leaked through pipes and drifted out into the fresh air to pounce on innocent victims. There was no cure. The streets were full of dead bodies, blood and broken glass. There was no more communication. On the news, there were places marked in red which mean they were forbidden to go to. Nobody knew what to do. People craved food and would do anything for a bite.

If anyone is reading this, please send help quickly, before it’s too late…